Teriyaki Salmon Salad

Teriyaki Salmon Salad

A fast, simple and healthy Teriyaki Salmon Salad that can be prepared ahead of time, then eaten warm or cold for an easy workday lunch or mid-week dinner.

I work full time and spend 15 hours a week commuting.  I like to try and take the hassle out of the week wherever possible by putting aside a little time on the weekend to do the prep and cooking for a few meals ahead.  Meals that I can take for lunch or that form the basis for an easy to prepare weekday dinner are my favourites.  This Teriyaki Salmon Salad is a healthy, light meal that is perfect for lunch or a quick dinner and can be prepared in advance if required.  What’s better, you can enjoy it warm or cold.  Take it for lunch and enjoy as a cold salad, or warm through and have for dinner on those nights where time is nowhere to be found.  You could also cook the salmon and refrigerate it for a few days and then prepare the citrus rice and asparagus the night you want to serve it.

I recently stumbled upon a most drool worthy recipe for Teriyaki Salmon over Little Big H.  Little Big H is the blog of Sydney Mum Christie, and it is jam packed with delicious recipes especially suited to toddlers. If you have little people in your life to feed then I highly recommend a visit to Little Big H for some other inspirational meal ideas.

I decided to use Christie’s salmon recipe as the basis for a delicious and light rice salad, and I am glad I did.  The fish is marinated in a mixture of sugar, soy and mirin and then cooked under a hot grill to create perfectly cooked, sticky teriyaki salmon dripping with flavour.  I was doing a lot of my weekend meal prep on Saturday morning so my salmon marinated overnight , but it would do equally well with a shorter marinading time.

I gently flaked the cooked salmon and teamed it with asparagus and my favourite coriander citrus rice then sprinkled with sesame seeds for a little crunch.  I didn’t bother toasting the sesame seeds but go ahead if you prefer them that way.

The quantity I prepared yielded enough for about three lunches.  This little bit of effort has saved me at least $20 in café lunches AND I can enjoy an extra few minutes in bed knowing lunch is already packed and ready to throw in my bag.

Teriyaki Salmon Salad overhead

I cooked my asparagus and rice in the microwave.  The timings for this recipe are based on this method.  If you prefer to use your rice cooker and steam your asparagus please adjust the timings accordingly.

Teriyaki Salmon Salad for lunch or dinner in less than 30 mins.  You have to love that.

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