About Ange

Thank you so much for popping into Little Kitchen Blue.  

I love having visitors!  

I’m Ange and I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia, at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges.  I cook, develop recipes and take photographs in an extremely tiny kitchen with blue counter tops and floors.   It is a challenge working is such a cramped environment and one day I dream of having a spacious, fully equipped kitchen with enough room for me and all of my appliances!  In the meantime the appliances get a cupboard of their own in the laundry and I get on with creating delicious recipes to share with family, friends and now you!

My online food journey started when in May 2014 I created a Facebook group to share recipes with some friends and family.  A year later, much to my surprise I had over 2,500 members.  I am a writer who has always loved to cook and take photos so a food blog is something I had been considering for quite some time.   The success of my FB group made me realise that people really were interested in my recipes and that I really did love sharing what I cooked with others – so I stopped thinking and started doing.

I have been cooking for over 30 years and with a number of fussy eaters at my table at different times, I have to tell you that feeding my people has not always been the joy it is today.  In fact for a few years I threw my hands in the air in exasperation and just did what I had to do to make sure they were fed.  I led a boring culinary life! Well, my family are all grown up now and even though my daughter and granddaughter live at home with me, I have stopped focusing on fussy eaters and once again returned to cooking food I love to prepare and eat.  These are the recipes I share in Little Kitchen Blue.  The recipes you will discover here are for time poor cooks who enjoy good food and like spending time in the kitchen when they can.  

Even though I one day dream of cooking and shooting photos of mouthwatering food on a full time basis, for now I work as an Intellectual Property Administrator.  This involves nearly 3 hours a day commuting to and from the city law firm where I work and most nights I don’t get home until nearly 7pm.  As the only cook in the house, we either eat at ridiculous o’clock or I have to find dinners that are quick and easy to prepare without compromising on flavour and quality.  I definitely prefer not to eat at ridiculous o’clock!

I like to cook food that takes advantage of fresh, seasonal produce and I believe in shopping locally and supporting the community I live in wherever possible.  I prefer Butchers and Greengrocers over big supermarkets and love a good stroll around a Farmer’s market picking up locally produced goods.  Unfortunately it can be difficult to find anything but the most basic ingredients where I live so you will occasionally find me shooting across town to find dried limes or fresh tumeric!  Never let the lack of produce get in the way of a great recipe.   

I love to hear from my visitors so if you see something you like or have a question please leave a comment below or on one of my recipes.   In the meantime though it’s time for me to