Slow Roasted Greek Lamb

Slow Roasted Greek Lamb

Add a Greek twist to your next Lamb Roast.  This succulent Slow Roasted Greek Lamb falls of the bone after being gently roasted for 2 and 1/2 hours.  Studded with garlic, rosemary and oregano, each slice of lamb will melt in your mouth.  A meal worthy of your next celebration or a flavour packed alternative to your regular Sunday lamb roast.

A juicy roasted leg of lamb is the favourite meal of many Australians, and especially the Aussies that live in this household. If you ask my daughter what she would like for dinner, it’s a safe bet that roast lamb will be her request.  We love lamb; crumbed lamb cutlets, slow cooked lamb shanks, Lamb Thai Salad or grilled lamb steaks on the bbq.   When my soldier son was deployed to the Middle East in 2014 he requested my Slow Cooked Balsamic Roast Lamb as his last home cooked meal, and of course I willingly obliged.  We love lamb!

Slow Roasted Greek Lamb

Spring has sprung in Australia so we are beginning to see sweet and tender Spring Lamb in our butcher’s windows and meat counters.  I’ve been reading a Greek cook book that was written by a lovely friend of mine (I’ll be sharing a recipe from her cook book in an upcoming post) and believe me, the Greeks have a bigger love affair with lamb than us Aussies.  This recipe was inspired by Easter Spit Roast Lamb so loved by our Greek friends.   After rubbing the lamb down with sweet paprika and olive oil, it is studded with garlic and herbs then drizzled with lemon juice and slowly roasted in a bath of stock and wine which goes on to make a light jus perfect for drizzling over the carved slices of lamb.

Slowly roasted surrounded by red onions, whole garlic, lemons and potatoes, all you need is a simple Greek or garden salad to serve alongside this Slow Roasted Greek Lamb.

S.low Roasted Greek Lamb

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