Cooking with Gas

One Pot Chinese Chicken

One Pot Chinese Chicken

Yesterday our power supply was interrupted for an indefinite period.   I had to reconsider my evening cook –  no oven, no pressure cooker, no microwave, no rice cooker, no food processor, no light, no heat…you get the picture.  It had to be a one pot, stove top meal with very little cooking time, otherwise I would be cooking in the dark.  Dining by candle light is one thing, but cooking, no thanks. 

I’ve made Donna Hay’s One Pot Chinese Chicken a few times and knew that it was the perfect choice – I could cook without power in the fading light and have dinner on the table in no time.  I amped up the flavours this time with the addition of fish sauce, vinegar, orange zest and sugar to the stock and included carrots and pok choy for a more balanced, nutritious one pot dinner.

How many recipes have your read where the blogger insists that you “must try this”?  Only my second post and it is my turn.  You simply must try this easy one pot dish.  It is a perfect mid-week dinner that packs a lot of flavour into a very short cooking time and no fancy gadgets required.  Half an hour from start to serve, promise!

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One Pot Chinese Chicken


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